Helpful Packing and Storage Tips

  • Northbridge Self Storage provides a complimentary tamper-resistant lock to secure your storage bay.
  • For your convenience, we offer a vast selection of lock styles on the site.
  • We have boxes of all sizes to handle your storage needs.
  • Packing supplies? Don’t worry. We offer packaging tape, tape guns, foam peanuts, bubble wrap, padding, and labels. Also, we have hand trucks, appliance dollies, plastic furniture covers and moving pads.
  • Make a list of what you want to store, especially big or odd shaped items. List items that can be taken apart or folded down to make more space.  Getting the right amount of storage materials, padding, and boxes will be beneficial to saving space.
  • Label all boxes clearly to help when retrieving goods from your unit and unpacking.
  • Allow large and heavy items to form the base of the storage room with lighter items at the top.
  • Use chest of drawers and wardrobes to store boxes and paperwork giving you extra room. Position items that you will need frequent access to at the front of the unit.
  • Make sure that appliances [fridge and freezer] are completely defrosted to prevent water damage or mildew from growing. Whenever possible, leave the doors open or remove them to allow ventilation. It’s excellent location to store smaller items or breakables.
  • Cover furniture with sheets to prevent dust build-up and remember to wrap table and chair legs with padding to avoid scuffing, scratches or damage from moving.
  • Store heavy things in smaller boxes. It makes for easy lifting. Store dishes and fragile items in stronger cardboard and plastic boxes packing with bubble wrap, tissue paper or recycled padding material.
  • Clean all garden furniture before storing. Empty the lawnmower, motorcycle or all-terrain vehicles of gasoline or fuel for long term storage. Don’t forget to disconnect batteries.
Grafton Self Storage packing and storage materials